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5 Keys to Stealing Princess Diana’s Signature Jewelry Look

5 Keys to Stealing Princess Diana’s Signature Jewelry Look

Steal Princess Diana’s Signature Jewelry Look

Princess Diana is an eternal style icon. She encapsulates the timeless glamour of the ‘90s and is still considered one of fashion’s most influential muses. You can’t scroll through social media without an influencer or celebrity referencing Princess Diana’s fashion. Diana fashion mania is at an all-time high, with the final season of ‘The Crown’ airing this month.

While Diana is famous for making bicycle shorts and sweatshirts chic, she’s also known for her love of jewelry. Whether you’ve watched ‘The Crown’ or scrolled through Pinterest, you’ll have noticed there’s one piece of jewelry Diana was always wearing - statement gold earrings. They were her signature piece, complimenting her short, blonde hair.

We’re deep diving into this classic ‘90s trend and sharing how you can steal Princess Diana’s signature jewelry look.

Gold Oversized Earrings as a Closet Staple

Jewelry is often what we consider the most personal piece of every outfit. It’s why jewelry trends stick around for longer than other fashion trends. Diana’s chunky gold earrings became an intrinsic part of her fashion DNA. She wore them with virtually every outfit – from her go-to oversized white shirts to her red carpet looks.

Oversized gold earrings are a hero piece. You can wear them in the summer when you’re lounging by the pool with your favorite swimsuit. When the temperatures get cold, you can reach for your gold earrings to take you through the holiday season. A scroll through the Malibu Sunday Instagram will show you dozens of ways to style your gold earrings for every season.

Statement gold earrings are the ‘ride or die’ staple in our jewelry box. It’s a classic piece that adds personality to even the most laidback outfits. You can wear your gold earrings solo or take it to the next level with earscaping.

Why We Love Statement Earrings

Princess Diana is proof that gold earrings are the ultimate accessory, spicing up your closet and adding making it look effortlessly chic. A pair of gold earrings can instantly transform your outfit, elevating it with a ‘quiet luxury’ feel.

Statement earrings are a hero accessory. They naturally draw attention to your face and can help to balance a bolder outfit. If you’re experimenting with new fashion trends or hitting the town in a dress that’ll turn heads, gold earrings can make you feel a little more comfortable. They’re a subtle accessory that won’t compete with the rest of your outfit and instead will pull it together.

Maxwell chubby hoop earrings and Carmen triple chubby hoop earrings align with Princess Diana's Style

Our Maxwell chubby hoop earrings and Carmen triple chubby hoop earrings look like they’ve come right from Princess Diana’s jewelry box.

How to Style Statement Gold Earrings

Gold earrings are amongst our signature pieces at Malibu Sunday. We’re sharing our favorite ways to style statement gold earrings to show you how to wear them every day. Our gold earrings are handcrafted on the California coast, ranging from feminine studs to statement hoops and on-trend chain earrings.

We’re sharing our go-to styling tips for wearing statement gold earrings: 

  1. Layer Your Earrings

Malibu Sunday Whitley Ear Cuff (single) - Princess Diana Style

The golden rule for styling gold earrings is to choose subtler styles for daytime and layer up with extra earrings for added glamorous for evening looks. Your gold earrings don’t have to be worn solo – even if you only have one piercing. Our Whitley ear cuff adds a touch of sparkle to elevate your gold earrings. Simply slide onto your ear and pinch them to fit. 

  1. Don’t Forget About Your Hair

If you have long hair, it’s easy for your earrings to get a little loss. Style your hair in an updo to show off your earrings, whether it’s a sleek ponytail or an intricate bun. Wearing your hair up is the perfect way to keep dangle earrings tangle-free and from getting caught in your hair. If you’re wearing quirky earrings, like our Shark Tooth earrings, you want to give them center stage by pulling your hair back.

Shark Tooth earrings Zella mini huggies by Malibu Sunday

It's easy to forget about your hair when you’re choosing earrings. If you’re wearing your hair down loose around your shoulders, you’ll want to opt for chunkier styles that can peek out against your hair. Don’t forget to think about your hair color. Earrings with colored stones, like our Zella mini huggies, will add a pop to your outfit. 

  1. Make Them the Statement Piece

We often think of necklaces and bracelets as statement pieces, but your earrings deserve the limelight as well. You can wear your earrings solo and skip a bracelet or necklace to make them the star of the show.

Blair Hoop Earrings

Styling your earrings as the statement piece is perfect for classic outfits like a little black dress or a pantsuit. The Blair hoop earrings are a statement style that will do all the talking with a subtle celestial motif and zircon details. 

  1. Consider Your Face Shape

Earrings are like sunglasses. You want to think about how they complement your face shape. Not every earring style will suit your face shape, and some silhouettes can help to accentuate your natural features. If you have a round face, you’ll want to invest in dangle earrings that will elongate your features, like our Phoenix chain earrings. If you have a rectangular face, opt for hoop earrings like the Shaylee chain hoops.   

Phoenix chain earrings and Shaylee chain hoop earrings
  1. Balance Your Neckline

When someone is looking at your earrings, they’ll also be seeing the neckline of your top or dress. Your earrings should balance your neckline for an effortlessly chic look. The higher the neckline, the smaller the earrings should be. You don’t want your neckline and earrings to be competing. If you’re a strapless dress or a plunging neckline, you can wear longer, statement earrings, like our Chandler style.

Steal Princess Diana’s signature jewelry look with these styling tips. The ‘90s trend of oversized gold earrings is showing no signs of slowing down. Elevate your everyday look with your own signature gold earrings, whether you’re a fan of studs or prefer an oversized statement set.

Are you looking for more styling inspiration? Check out the official Malibu Sunday Instagram and share your jewelry styling by tagging us or using #malibusunday for a chance to feature in our content.






Why were statement gold earrings a signature part of Princess Diana's style, and how can I incorporate them into my wardrobe?

Princess Diana famously used statement gold earrings to add a touch of elegance to her outfits, from casual to formal. These earrings became a key element of her fashion DNA, showcasing her ability to blend classic style with modern trends. To incorporate this into your wardrobe, choose gold earrings that resonate with your personal style—be it chunky hoops, dainty studs, or unique shapes. Wear them as a solo statement or combine them with other earrings for a layered look, making them versatile for any occasion.


How can I style statement gold earrings to enhance my overall look?

To style statement gold earrings effectively, consider your hairstyle, outfit, and the occasion. For long hair, an updo can showcase the earrings better. For a more casual look, chunkier styles that peek through loose hair can add a fun element. When making the earrings the focal point, opt for simpler necklines or outfits to let the earrings stand out. Additionally, consider your face shape when choosing earring styles to complement your features.


What are some tips for choosing the right statement gold earrings for my face shape and outfit?

When selecting statement gold earrings, consider your face shape and outfit. For a round face, choose dangle earrings to elongate your features. For a rectangular face, hoop earrings can soften angles. Balance your earrings with your neckline—smaller earrings for higher necklines and longer, statement earrings for strapless or plunging necklines. Remember, the key is to achieve a harmonious look where your earrings complement rather than compete with your outfit.


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