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3 Ways to Style Tennis Necklaces as a Hero Piece

3 Ways to Style Tennis Necklaces as a Hero Piece

Why Tennis Necklaces are a Hero Piece

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend – but cubic zirconia is her ride or ride. Nothing is more classic than a timeless diamond piece, whether it’s a pendant or a ring. The rise of ‘quiet luxury’ has made diamond (and cubic zirconia!) jewelry more wearable than ever before!

That’s where the tennis necklace comes in. It’s a classic that has never gone out of style and that’s experiencing a second life as a wearable, everyday piece that is no longer only worn on the red carpet. A quick scroll through social media will show your favorite influencers and celebrities wearing tennis necklaces everywhere, from the beach to music festivals and black-tie events. It’s the sparkly sidekick that completes any outfit.

Tennis necklaces have risen in popularity as a classic, timeless silhouette that adds subtle glamour. It’s the perfect alternative for those who shy away from the maximalist trends that have been dominating the jewelry industry. The tennis necklace – also known as a ‘line necklace’ – is the ultimate hero piece you can wear with pretty much anything.

It’s one of our favorite pieces at Malibu Sunday and the inspiration behind our Sloan Baguette necklace. We’re deep diving into the history of the tennis necklace and sharing our styling tips for wearing the Sloan necklace.

The History of the Tennis Necklace

Although it’s known as a ‘tennis necklace’, you probably won’t be playing sports while wearing one! The name comes from its jewelry sister, the tennis bracelet. Fashion history tells us that Chris Evert, the American tennis star, is to thank for the style getting its name.

During the ‘70s, the 18-time Grand Slam winner became famous for wearing a simple diamond bracelet. Evert’s style came long before the tennis court became a runway, and her style was often commented on. Her signature bracelet fell off during the 1978 US Open, with play being suspended until the bracelet could be found. Since then, the style has been known as a ‘tennis bracelet’ with the classic ‘line’ necklace soon adopting the ‘tennis’ name due to the similarity of the silhouette.

Evert’s popularity led to a renaissance in diamonds as a jewelry trend, shifting them away from fine jewelry to more wearable styles, with designers like Elsa Peretti leading the way. Today, the diamond tennis bracelet and necklace are synonymous with ‘quiet luxury’ and are more popular than ever.

How the Tennis Necklace Became an Everyday Piece

Tennis Bracelet and Tennis Necklace Set

The tennis necklace is everywhere you look – from our social media feeds to the pages of our favorite fashion blogs. What’s captivated jewelry lovers with the tennis necklace is its versatility. It’s the quickest way to elevate a basic outfit, whether you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt or an oversized sweater and shorts. The tennis necklace is made with a strand of diamonds or cubic zirconia that are the same size. Occasionally, you’ll find tennis necklaces made with graduated stones.

Choosing a Tennis Necklace

No two tennis necklaces are the same. What sets them apart is the finer details. Differences may look subtle at first, but the setting and stones can determine how wearable a tennis necklace is every day.

The most versatile style features baguette-cut diamonds and cubic zirconia because of their wearability and universal appeal. They’re a low-key style that is subtle enough to wear on a casual weekend but can also be dressed up for special occasions. You’ll want to consider the length of the tennis necklace before buying it, especially if you plan on layering it with other necklaces and pendants.

A baguette cut offers a contemporary twist to the classic tennis necklace while maintaining the sophisticated appeal of a diamond necklace. Our signature tennis necklace is handcrafted on the California coast with baguette-cut cubic zirconia for extra wearability as a budget-friendly piece you’ll reach for every season.

Styling a Tennis Necklace

While the tennis necklace has made a comeback, it’s doing so in different ways. Gone are the days when you’d only wear a tennis necklace with a cocktail dress. Now, we’re seeing people experimenting with silhouettes and layering tennis necklaces with gold pendants and chains to make them daytime appropriate.

Rylan tennis bracelet and Quinn triple baguette ring for a matching set.

We’re sharing some of our favorite ways to style tennis necklaces for every occasion. You can style our Sloan necklace with our Rylan tennis bracelet and Quinn triple baguette ring for a matching set.

  1. Layer with pendants and chains

As glamorous as a tennis necklace is, you can easily make it wearable for every day. One of our go-to ways of wearing a tennis necklace is by layering it with dainty necklaces.
Leighton necklace or let the tennis necklace and minimalistic Jaden mini beaded necklace by Malibu Sunday

Add even more sparkle with our Leighton necklace or let the tennis necklace take center stage with the minimalistic Jaden beaded necklace. It’s a modern take on a timeless classic that allows your personality to shine through.

  1. For special nights out

A tennis necklace is guaranteed to give you a spot on the best-dressed list, whether you’re a wedding guest or going out for a night on the town. While you can dress down a tennis necklace by layering it, you can make it a statement by wearing it solo.

a woman wearing a diamond tennis bracelet and a diamond tennis necklace on the beach.

The sparkle of a tennis necklace will naturally draw the eye towards it, giving you the option to wear it solo or with other jewelry. Choose a strapless dress or plunging neckline to let the necklace take center stage. Add one or two more pieces for extra sparkle, choosing smaller silhouettes to balance the necklace.

  1. Glamorous makeup

A classic jewelry piece like a tennis necklace is an easy way to balance out more dramatic makeup. If you want to go over the top with a smokey eyeshadow look, add a tennis necklace to tie it all together. It’s the perfect neutral base to experiment with other trends and statement pieces, whether it’s a bodycon dress or colored eyeliner.

Discover more ways to style a tennis necklace by checking out the official Malibu Sunday Instagram page. Do you have our Sloan necklace? Show it off on social media and use the hashtag #malibusunday for a chance to be featured on our feed.




What makes the tennis necklace a versatile piece for different occasions?

The tennis necklace's appeal lies in its versatility. Its classic design with a strand of diamonds or cubic zirconia makes it perfect for elevating basic outfits like jeans and a tee, or adding sparkle to evening wear. The simplicity of the design allows it to be dressed up or down, making it suitable for various occasions, from casual outings to special events.

How can I style a tennis necklace for a modern look?

For a contemporary twist, try layering your tennis necklace with other necklaces and pendants. Mixing it with dainty chains or different styles of necklaces adds a personal touch and makes it suitable for everyday wear. For a more statement look, wear it solo with a strapless dress or a plunging neckline, letting the necklace be the focal point of your outfit.

What should I consider when choosing a tennis necklace?

When selecting a tennis necklace, consider the cut of the stones and the setting, as these can affect its wearability and appeal. Baguette-cut diamonds or cubic zirconia offer a modern and subtle look, ideal for both casual and formal wear. Also, think about the necklace's length, especially if you plan to layer it with other pieces. A versatile length allows for more styling options and can be a key factor in how often you reach for the necklace.


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