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Why Everyone Is Loving ‘Quiet Luxury’ Jewelry

Why Everyone Is Loving ‘Quiet Luxury’ Jewelry

Why Everyone Is Loving Quiet Luxury Jewelry

Quiet luxuryis one of the biggest buzzwords in the fashion industry, but what does it actually mean? Quiet luxury is more than just a fashion trend. It’s an aesthetic and, more widely speaking, a lifestyle choice. If you’ve watched TV shows like Succession or The Crown, you’ll be familiar with the idea of ‘quiet luxury’ – which is also known as “stealth wealth”.

It's all about adopting a minimalistic approach to fashion and staying away from loud pieces with monograms and logos. It’s a more subtle form of elegance, favorite timeless silhouettes and classic pieces over trends that are here today, gone tomorrow.

At Malibu Sunday, our jewelry is designed to become part of your everyday closet. Each piece is handcrafted on the California Coast, reimagining classic silhouettes, and timeless trends with a contemporary twist. We’re sharing why ‘quiet luxury’ is a trend worth investing in and the pieces we recommend adding to your jewelry box.

What is ‘Quiet Luxury’?

Think of the Olsen twins, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Lawrence. They’re some of the celebrities most associated with today’s ‘quiet luxury’ trend. They’re famous for their love of neutral color palettes and effortless chicness. Sofia Richie is credited with taking the trend mainstream after going viral on TikTok for her ‘quiet luxury’ wedding.

Quiet luxury is the rejection of the over-the-top logomania that has dominated streetwear in recent years. It adopts a more subtle approach to fashion, promoting a quality-over-quantity mindset and a focus on minimalistic pieces. You don’t have to break the bank or spend thousands of dollars to recreate the look of the uber-wealthy. 

It’s all about choosing the right pieces and adding elevated accessories that add a little luxury to your outfit. You want to think of the opposite of ‘loud luxury’, the trend that is all about showing off who you’re wearing – rather than what you’re wearing. Quiet luxury is about creating outfits that speak for themselves.

Quiet Luxury Jewelry

Jewelry and Necklaces examples of minimalist style

Jewelry is the perfect way to experiment with the quiet luxury trend. The right necklace can take a simple outfit for jeans and a cotton t-shirt and give it a quiet luxury feel. You think of quiet luxury jewelry as the pieces that have never gone out of trend – gold stud earrings, tennis bracelets, and diamond pendants. You can wear these every day and never take them off.

Quiet luxury jewelry emphasizes quality and staying power with silhouettes that have remained timeless for generations. Look for subtle pieces that are minimalistic, adding a subtle sparkle or a little warmth to your outfit.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on quiet luxury jewelry. Instead, shop around for classic pieces that are made to last, avoiding metals that tarnish. Giving your jewelry a little extra TLC with regular cleaning with warm water and fragrance-free liquid soap will keep them looking new, even after months of wear.

The Must-Have Quiet Luxury Jewelry

You probably have quiet luxury pieces in your jewelry box without even knowing it. There are no hard or fast rules with the specific jewelry you need to invest in. You can choose between silver or gold and avoid pieces that don’t match your style. We love seeing our Malibu Sunday community taking the quiet luxury trend and making it their own through earscaping and jewelry layering.

We’re sharing the essential quiet luxury jewelry pieces everyone should have in their closet. 

  1. Pearls

Malibu Sunday Pearls

Pearls have always been a staple of luxury fashion and encapsulate timeless elegance. It’s easy to think that pearls are dated and old-fashioned, but these aren’t your grandmother’s pearls. Our Casey freshwater pearl bracelet gives the classic quiet luxury staple a contemporary, bohemian twist with contrasting chunky and dainty pearls.

  1. Stud Earrings

Malibu Sunday - Skylar Stud Earring Set of 3 Pairs

It’s a common misconception that quiet luxury is all about formal wear and fancy clothes. What encapsulates the trend best is everyday outfits that are elegant and effortlessly chic. A simple stud earring is what can take a simple look and give it a quiet luxury feel with a subtle sparkle or a hint of glamour.  

Our Skylar stud earring set comes with a trio of earring studs that you can mix and match for a quiet luxury style. You can use them for earring layering or wear solo as your everyday jewelry.

  1. Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet is the hardest-working piece in your jewelry box. It’s a quiet luxury staple you can wear every day, whether you’re heading to the office or running errands. A diamond tennis bracelet adds a little sparkle and a feminine touch to every outfit – not just your cocktail attire.

Rylan Baguette Bracelet

Invest in a small tennis bracelet in your preferred metal, either silver or gold. You’ll want to match it to your watch for a coordinated look. Baguette-cut diamonds are the perfect choice for stacking with other bracelets, while still giving you a contemporary but minimalistic look.

Our Rylan baguette bracelet is an everyday essential that will become a signature piece. Style it solo or layer with our Remy bracelet for extra sparkle.

  1. Small Hoop Earrings

Riley Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a universal fashion trend. They’re a jewelry essential that will never go out of style. While large hoops have been having a moment, followers of quiet luxury prefer their smaller sister.

Huggies are a subtler take on the classic hoop but are just as much fun. These earrings are versatile and easy to wear solo or stack with studs or an ear cuff. Our Riley hoop earrings have white zircon detail for an elevated feel.

  1. Pendant necklace

Your quiet luxury jewelry should be pieces you can wear every day, whether you’re grabbing brunch with your girlfriends or attending a black-tie gala. Just like a classic set of studs, you want a pendant necklace that is effortlessly chic and timeless. Picture a pendant necklace that you could imagine a style icon like Princess Diana or Victoria Beckham wearing.

Kennedy necklace

The Leighton necklace is our go-to pendant with a cubic zircon stone that sparkles like a diamond. Style it with gold studs and a diamond tennis bracelet to recreate the quiet luxury look.

Have you a quiet luxury look with your favorite Malibu Sunday pieces? Share your pictures online and tag our official Instagram account or use #malibusunday for a chance to be featured in our content.




What defines 'quiet luxury' in jewelry, and how does it differ from more ostentatious styles?

'Quiet luxury' in jewelry is characterized by a minimalist and timeless approach, emphasizing quality and subtlety over flashy designs. It stands in contrast to the 'loud luxury' trend, which focuses on conspicuous branding and logomania. Quiet luxury jewelry typically includes classic pieces like gold stud earrings, tennis bracelets, and diamond pendants, designed to add a touch of elegance to everyday wear without being overly showy.


Can quiet luxury jewelry be affordable, and how should I care for these pieces?

Yes, quiet luxury jewelry can be both affordable and high-quality. The key is to look for classic, well-made pieces that are designed to last, rather than spending excessively on high-end brands. To maintain the elegance of these pieces, regular cleaning with warm water and fragrance-free liquid soap is recommended to keep them looking new.


What are some essential pieces for a quiet luxury jewelry collection?

Essential quiet luxury jewelry pieces include pearls for their timeless elegance, simple stud earrings for a subtle sparkle, versatile tennis bracelets for everyday wear, small hoop earrings or huggies for a chic look, and a classic pendant necklace for understated style. These pieces are versatile enough to be worn in various settings, from casual outings to formal events, and embody the essence of quiet luxury.


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