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Earscaping: The Earring Stacking Trend to Elevate Every Outfit

Earscaping: The Earring Stacking Trend to Elevate Every Outfit

Earscaping: The Earring Stacking Trend to Elevate Every Outfit

Escape the ordinary with earscaping. You might be scratching your head and asking what exactly is earscaping. This jewelry trend is everywhere you look, from the red carpet to your Instagram feed.

Jewelry is one of the most affordable – and customizable – ways of refreshing your look. Earscaping has been 2023’s biggest jewelry trend. It’s all about taking a holistic approach to earring stacking as the ultimate form of self-expression.

Stacked earrings elevate every outfit and add a subtle touch of your personality to even the most casual looks. We’re sharing our favorite earring stacking ideas and the Malibu Sunday earrings that deserve a spot in your earscaping.

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What is Earring Stacking?

Earring stacking is a little like the ‘arm candy’ bracelet trend. Instead of wearing one earring, you stack them across your ear with various piercings. What makes earring stacking unique is the dozens of piercing combinations to choose from.

You can keep it simple with up to three piercings on your lobe or experiment with extra piercings inside your ear. The daith, antitragus, conch, helix, and rook of your ear can all be pierced.

Did you know there are sixteen different types of ear piercings you can get? Most professional piercers can help you choose the right piercings for your personal style.

The beauty of earring stacking is that you can make it your own. You can have as many – or as few – piercings as you want when stacking earrings. 

Where to Buy Earring Stacks

Monroe Earring Studs

At Malibu Sunday, we believe no outfit is complete without the right jewelry. Our stacking earrings are handcrafted on the California coast, inspired by the sunshine state we call home.

The Malibu Sunday earring range includes every size and shape you’ll need for earscaping. Start with a classic stud like our Monroe earring before working up and around to finish with an ear cuff (the Whitley is our go-to!).

Whitley Ear Cuff

Our earrings are sold individually, allowing you to mix and match to curate your earring stack sets.


How to Stack Earrings

Gold earring stacks are our everyday staple. All you need is a stud and ear cuff to transition your workwear from day to night. You can create an earring stack by combining different sizes and types of earrings, including cuffs, huggies, hoops, and studs. Most stacked hoop earrings are styled with studs to create a tiered effect.

Skylar Stud Earrings

You can go as over the top as you want with earring stacking. Our Skylar set comes with three pairs of studs for the perfect classic everyday earring stack.

It’s fun to experiment with different earring stacking ideas to find what works for you. Your earrings should complement each other or work together to create a look that is uniquely yours.

Pinterest is full of earring stacking inspiration, with celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna, and Hailey Bieber taking the trend mainstream.

Which Earrings Can You Stack Together?

Nia Ear Cuff Earring

You can stack together all types of earrings. That’s the fun of earscaping. You can keep it minimalistic with simple studs or create a dramatic statement with hoop earrings. Mixing and matching specific types of earrings, such as hoops, studs, and ear cuffs, can give you an earring stack that works for every occasion.

It’s a common misconception that you need multiple piercings to start an earring stack. Our Nia ear cuff slips right onto your ear without needing a piercing! It’s the perfect way to try earring stacking before committing to a new piercing.

Carmen Triple Chubby Earring by Malibu Sudnay

One thing to consider when exploring piercing ideas is comfort. If you’re new to earring stacking, we recommend starting simple with studs. Our Carmen Triple Chubby Hoop earrings create the illusion of layered hoops with just one piercing. 

Start with two earrings when building your first earring stacks before adding more as you get used to the extra weight.


How to Build an Earring Stack with Malibu Sunday

Earring stacking takes as little as two earrings. Whether you like to keep things simple or you’re a maximalist, this jewelry trend offers something for everyone. The Malibu Sunday team is sharing our favorite tips and tricks on how to wear stacked earrings.

  1. Bottoms up

Phoenix Chain earrings by Malibu Sunday

Start planning your earring stacks from the bottom upwards. Lobe piercings are what you’ll find in almost every earring stack and offer the most versatility. You can start simple with studs or keep longer earrings tangle-free. We recommend wearing styles like our Phoenix Chain earrings in your lobes to prevent them from catching on other earrings.

  1. Let your earrings breathe

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re creating earring stacks – but you can have too much of a good thing. Give your earrings some breathing space by avoiding overcrowding your ears. You want each earring to shine in its own way. Most everyday earring stacks have 3 or 4 pieces in play. If you want more earrings, consider downsizing them to studs and small huggies.

  1. Switch it up

Knightly Mis-Matched Earrings

While you’re probably buying most of your earrings in sets of two, your earring stacks don’t have to match each other. You can switch out earrings and make subtle changes for extra fun. Choose earrings that complement each other and fit into the same color or metal family for a balanced look. Your lobe earrings are the easiest ones to mix and match without throwing off the overall effect. Our Knightly Mis-Matched earrings are perfect for a contrasting effect.

  1. Play with colors and symbols

Shark Tooth Earrings

We love earrings that tell a little bit about your personality – whether it’s your favorite color or a symbol that speaks to you spiritually. Colors and symbols are an easy way to make your earring stack stand out and reflect your personality. Our Shark tooth earrings pay homage to California’s beaches, while our mini bow stud speaks to the Blair Waldorf in us all.

Mini Bow Stud Earrings

Start building your earring stack by shopping our new arrivals. Tag the official Malibu Sunday account and use the hashtag #malibusunday in your ear stacking pictures for a chance to be featured on our social channels.






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