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9 Jewelry Trends for 2024 We’re Already Talking About

9 Jewelry Trends for 2024 We’re Already Talking About

The 2024 Jewelry Trends

2024 has come around in the blink of an eye. You might still be making your New Year’s resolutions, but we’re already thinking about what we’re going to be wearing in 2024.

Jewelry is the easiest way to change up your closet and refresh your closet without breaking the bank. While fashion trends can often follow similar aesthetics, jewelry trends have always taken a more broad-church approach.

2024 jewelry trends have something to offer everyone, from fans of statement pieces to those who prefer a more minimalistic look.  The ‘quiet luxury’ aesthetic is still going strong, with gold jewelry continuing to dominate the industry. Bohemian chic is making a contemporary comeback, with ear cuffs, dangle earrings, and single pendants topping our shopping list for 2024.

We’re sharing the 2024 jewelry trends we’re already talking about, along with our favorite Malibu Sunday pieces. 2024 is the year of jewelry trends where subtle boldness meets ultra-femme silhouettes. 

  1. Mismatched Earrings

Malibu Sunday Knightly Earrings - Jewelry Trends for 2024

One of our go-to looks from last year is still going strong as a 2024 jewelry trend. A mismatched earring set is the easiest way to add a quirky edge to any outfit. We saw this trend across the runway for 2024 collections from brands like Valentino, Fend, and Schiaparelli.

You can pick up a mismatched set, like our Knightly earrings, or play around with mixing up earrings you already have in your jewelry box. It’s the perfect way to keep wearing those earrings you’ve lost the matching stud for.

  1. Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets were one of the stand-out jewelry trends on the Spring/Summer 2024 runway. Tory Burch, Giorgio Armani, and Loewe all showcased sculptural cuffs in a range of metallic hues that spoke to our minimalistic ‘90s-loving style. You can style a cuff bracelet by itself or layer with more dainty pieces, like our Daniella bracelet.
  1. Bohemian Chic

Casey FreshWater Bracelet - Jewelry Trends for 2024

Bohemian chic is a fashion aesthetic that comes around every few years like clockwork. It’s the feminine, laid-back look that has us thinking of Sundays spent by the beach and gets us excited about jetting off on vacation.

Start planning your summer 2024 outfits with jewelry that’ll have you planning your next beach trip. Our Casey freshwater pearl bracelet puts a bohemian twist on the timeless classic. You can embrace the beachy vibes of the bohemian trend by stacking two or three Casey bracelets together.

  1. Statement Rings

2024 is the year of the statement ring. It’s a trend that’s evolved from our collective love of ring stacks. While you might be thinking about cocktail rings, a statement ring can be anything bigger than a traditional gold band.

Lennox hammered ring and Amber signet ring helping with Jewelry Trends for 2024

Our Lennox hammered ring is an everyday statement piece for the minimalist at heart. Want something with a vintage feel? Our Amber signet ring can be worn solo or stacked with your favorite dainty rings.

  1. Single Pendant

Leighton necklace - 9 Jewelry Trends for 2024 we're already talking about

Not every 2024 jewelry trend is about making a statement. Sometimes, less is more. While layering jewelry has made a major comeback for 2024, don’t underestimate the power of a single pendant. The classic pendant is one of the biggest jewelry trends from the spring/summer 2024 runway and works for every occasion.

A classic single pendant is the only necklace you need to take you from a day at the office to date night with your girlfriends. The Leighton necklace is our budget-friendly take on the timeless diamond necklace, adding a little sparkle to every outfit.

  1. Animal Kingdom

Animals were everywhere you looked on the runway for spring/summer 2024. While we’re used to seeing animal prints in fashion, the animal kingdom is making its way into jewelry trends. We saw everything from butterflies to snakes and cow-inspired jewelry heading down the runway. Our Shark tooth earrings are a subtle nod to the King of the ocean.

  1. Cuff Earrings

2024 is the year of the earring cuff. We’ve seen this trend explode in recent years as the earring layering becomes more popular with everyone opting for an extra piercing or two. An earring cuff adds an ultra-luxe feel to even the simplest little black dress. Our Whitley ear cuff is the perfect piece for building your go-to earscape and doesn’t require a piercing. Simply slide it onto your ear and pinch it to fit comfortably. 

Are you new to earscaping? We have an in-depth guide on the earring stacking trend we’re loving for 2024.

  1. Layers on Layers

Every year, another Y2K jewelry trend makes a major comeback. 2024 is reviving the classic necklace-on-necklace look with luxury fashion brands like Burberry, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton showcasing long layered necklaces. You can build your own necklace stack or keep it simple with our Zoe necklace for a minimalistic take on the trend. 

Zoe Necklace and Emerson evil eye chain necklace - 9 Jewelry Trends for 2024 that are Modern

The secret to recreating this 2024 jewelry trend is to mix and match the lengths of your necklaces for a layered look. Our Emerson evil eye chain necklace is a versatile length for wearing with chokers or longer pendants.

  1. Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury is a trend we saw everywhere in 2023, thanks to shows like Succession making ‘stealth wealth’ one of the biggest buzzwords in the fashion industry. You don’t need Shiv Roy’s bank account to add a touch of quiet luxury to your jewelry box.

This trend is all about timeless functionality, focusing on silhouettes and styles that are minimalistic and understated in their luxury. It’s all the classic jewelry you know and love – from the tennis bracelet to subtle gold studs – with a contemporary update. Our Rylan baguette bracelet and Monroe stud earrings capture the stylish subtlety that makes the ‘quiet luxury’ trend so appealing.


Rylan baguette bracelet and Monroe stud earrings - Jewelry Trends for 2024
  1. Sparkly Hoops

The classic gold hoop is getting an upgrade for 2024 with a little sparkle. Diamond hoops are one jewelry trend you’ll want to invest in this year. They’re a small, but mighty accessory that can be worn casually or elevated for even the most formal occasion. It’s all about how you style your sparkly hoops, whether you’re wearing a leather jacket or a cocktail dress. The Axel hoop earrings are the style we’ll be reaching for when we need a little extra sparkle.

Are you looking for more 2024 jewelry trend inspiration? Check out the Malibu Sunday Instagram for our latest arrivals and styling recommendations.




What are some of the key jewelry trends for 2024, and how do they cater to different styles?

The 2024 jewelry trends offer a diverse range of styles, ensuring there's something for everyone. Key trends include mismatched earrings for a quirky touch, cuff bracelets for a minimalistic '90s vibe, bohemian chic for a laid-back, feminine look, and statement rings that evolve from the popular ring stacking trend. Additionally, single pendants and animal-themed jewelry add unique elements to the mix. These trends cater to various preferences, from bold statement pieces to more understated, classic styles.

How is the 'quiet luxury' trend evolving in 2024, and what pieces embody this style?

The 'quiet luxury' trend, popularized in 2023, continues to thrive in 2024. It emphasizes timeless functionality and minimalistic, understated luxury. This trend is characterized by classic jewelry pieces like tennis bracelets and subtle gold studs, updated with contemporary twists. The trend's appeal lies in its simplicity and elegance, making it suitable for a range of occasions and styles.

What are some tips for incorporating 2024's jewelry trends into my everyday wardrobe?

To incorporate 2024's jewelry trends into your everyday wardrobe, start by experimenting with one or two key trends that resonate with your personal style. For a subtle approach, try adding a single pendant or a pair of sparkly hoops to your daily outfits. If you prefer a bolder look, consider mismatched earrings or a statement ring. Layering necklaces and mixing different lengths can create a trendy yet personalized look. Remember, the key to wearing these trends is to make them your own and integrate them seamlessly with your existing wardrobe.


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