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4 Ways to Wear Pearls Casually in 2024

4 Ways to Wear Pearls Casually in 2024

How to Wear Pearls Casually

Jackie Kennedy once famously said that “pearls are always appropriate”. It’s a mentality that we’re taking into 2024! It’s a common misconception that pearls, while considered timeless, are an ‘older woman’s’ piece of jewelry. The rise of “pearlcore” and the evolution of ‘quiet luxury’ have shown that anyone can wear pearls casually in 2024.

We love pearls for their natural elegance. They’re the perfect alternative to diamonds and add a feminine feel to even the most casual outfits. Pearl jewelry will never go out of style, whether you’re investing in pearl studs or a classic freshwater pearl bracelet.

Wear Pearls Casually for Style in 2024

Pearls are famous for being unique. No two are ever the same. The uniqueness of pearls sets them apart from other jewelry trends with their size and color variation meaning that there are pearls out there for everyone.

We’re expecting pearls to have a renaissance in 2024. These aren’t your grandmother’s pearls! They’re the sleek, contemporary take on the classic that offers wearability and quiet luxury.

This guide shares everything you need to know about wearing pearls casually in 2024 and our favorite pieces at Malibu Sunday.

What is Pearlcore?

Pearlcore is more than just a fashion trend. It’s an aesthetic that popped up everywhere, from nail art to home décor and wedding planning. Pearlcore is an ultra-feminine aesthetic that has a universal appeal for all ages.

Traditionally, pearls represent long life, fertility, and perfection as a valuable gemstone that’s been worn for generations. Pearls are found within oyster shells, becoming a symbol of the beauty of the sea.

Woman wearing pearls - Pearlcore - How to wear pearls casually

Recent years have seen a more contemporary take on pearls. Fashion and jewelry trends have become more inclusive, with everyone from Adele to Harry Styles making pearls their signature. The pearlcore aesthetic has shown that pearls are wearable as an everyday style.

The rise of pearl jewelry is also a nod to trends of the ‘80s and ‘90s, two decades when pearls became synonymous with ‘preppy’ fashion. This association remains with classic pieces, such as pearl studs. Pearls mixed with other metals and stones, such as gold, look more edgy and contemporary.

Our Evie pearl earrings offer a quirky twist by bringing together the classic gold hoop with a feminine drop pearl.

Why We Love Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are no longer just your grandmother’s jewelry! Thanks to pearlcore, millennials have adopted pearls as their own. It’s the perfect choice, with more sustainable pearl jewelry entering the market every season. Unlike other stones and metals, pearls are environmentally sustaining and guaranteed to stay in your jewelry box for years.

2024 pearl jewelry trends are about mixing and matching pearls with other gems and metals. It’s comparable to the tennis necklace trend of taking a classic piece and modernizing it with other jewelry. Pearls encapsulate the ‘quiet luxury’ look and can elevate any outfit, whether you’re heading to the office or running errands.


Although diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, pearls are a close second! They’re just as versatile and even more practical. Pearls go with every outfit and instantly make your look feel put together. Need to dress up? Slip on a pearl bracelet and earrings to elevate your look.

Casey Freshwater Pearls - How to wear pearls casually - Malibu Sunday

While other jewelry trends come and go, the classic pearl bracelet is timeless. Our Casey bracelet is a contemporary take on the iconic freshwater pearl bracelet, juxtaposing chunky pearls with daintier pearls for a bohemian feel. Style it solo or layer with our Rylan baguette bracelet for the ultimate luxury look.

Sleek and Minimalistic

Pearls are unexpectedly minimalistic. You might think of them as something to wear to a wedding or on a special occasion – but they encapsulate the sleek, minimalistic aesthetic at the heart of modern jewelry trends. They’re elegant but subtle, giving you a classic look without overpowering the rest of your look.

We love adding pearls along with gold jewelry for extra texture and dimension. Pearl earrings are a staple for earring stacks, and a freshwater pearl bracelet can give a softer look to gold bracelets.

How to Wear Pearls Casually

Before you start filling your jewelry box with pearls, you want to know how to style them. We’re sharing four styling tips to help you get the most out of your pearl jewelry. 

  1. Earring stacks

Whitely Ear Cuff - Wear pearls casually and style with sparkle accents

Earring stacks are our signature at Malibu Sunday. You can take a classic pair of pearl earrings and completely transform them by adding them to an earring stack with earscaping. Add our Whitley ear cuff to bring a little sparkle to your pearl earrings – without needing an extra piercing. This ear cuff slips seamlessly into place and is secured with a little pinch.   

  1. Layer with mixed metals

Evie Pearl Earrings - How to wear pearls casually

Give your pearls a little extra oomph by styling them with mixed metals. This 2024 jewelry trend is one we’re seeing everywhere on the runway and is a go-to for celebrities and influencers. Gold is the ultimate pairing for pearls. You can get the two in one with our Evie pearl earrings. Mixing more stones, metals, and chains with your pearls gives your look a more eclectic and avant-garde feel.

  1. Layered pearl necklaces

Hayden Toggle Necklace - Wear Pearls Casually by Layering Necklaces and other pieces

Pearl necklaces are often made as a choker-length, making them feel more like an evening piece than everyday jewelry. Contemporary trends are changing this by making long pearl necklaces a layering piece.

The secret to this styling is to choose necklaces of different lengths, ensuring they lay slightly apart. You’ll want one necklace to be the focal point, usually with a pendant or stone in the center. Our Hayden toggle necklace is perfect for layering with a gold chain and white zircon stone to modernize your pearls.

  1. Stacking

Layer the Casey Freshwater Pearl Bracelet to wear pearls casually.

Pearls look best when layered. While you can style our Casey bracelet solo, we think it makes the perfect centerpiece for your everyday arm candy. Show off your personality with bracelets that add contrast and texture, whether it’s charm bracelets, a gold cuff, or beaded bracelets.

Are you looking for more inspiration on how to wear pearls casually in 2024? Check out the official Malibu Sunday Instagram from my styling inspiration. Want to share your favorite Malibu Sunday pieces? Tag us in your photos and use the hashtag #malibsunday to be featured on our feed.





What is the essence of the pearlcore trend and how has it evolved?

Pearlcore is an aesthetic that infuses pearl-inspired elements into various aspects of fashion and lifestyle, extending beyond traditional jewelry. This trend has evolved to embrace a universal appeal, with contemporary takes on pearls by icons like Adele and Harry Styles. Pearlcore embodies a fusion of classic elegance with modern style, making pearls more accessible and versatile for everyday wear.

Why are pearls considered a sustainable and practical choice in jewelry?

Pearls are increasingly valued for their sustainability and practicality. Unlike other gemstones and metals, pearls are environmentally friendly, with many pearl farms practicing sustainable harvesting. Their natural elegance and versatility make them a practical choice for various occasions, easily transitioning from casual to formal settings. Pearls are a long-lasting addition to any jewelry collection, reflecting both style and ethical considerations.

How can I style pearls in a modern and casual way in 2024?

To wear pearls casually in 2024, consider incorporating them into earring stacks or layering them with mixed metals for a contemporary look. Long pearl necklaces can be layered for a more relaxed style, and pearls can be stacked with other bracelets to create a unique arm candy ensemble. The key is to mix and match pearls with other jewelry pieces to achieve an eclectic and personal style that resonates with the modern aesthetic.


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