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7 Earring Trends in 2023

7 Earring Trends in 2023

In 2023 earrings are grabbing the spotlight. They are moving from the subtle, more traditional matching pair to bold statement pieces that reflect the ultimate expression of your individual style. Whether your mood is daring and audacious or delicate and understated, earrings can be a defining element of your look. They are a pleasing aesthetic complimenting the wearer and the outfit. This year, 2023, has unveiled some exciting trends in earrings that are bound to leave an impact.

Recap of 2022 Earring Trends:

1. Hoop Earrings:

One of the most compelling trends of 2022 was the rise of hoop earrings in shapes and sizes. Characterized by their conspicuous designs and crafted from any metal with endless twists and designs, hoop earrings effortlessly injected glamour into any attire. They could go from day to night and back again complimenting any outfit.

2. Mixed Metal Earrings

Mixed Metal Earrings

Mixed metal earrings also gained considerable popularity in 2022. Skillfully fusing different metals, such as gold, silver, and rose gold, these earrings brought a stunning individuality jewelry collection, appealing to all tastes and styles. Intertwining metals creates a unique and stunning visual impact that impacts all ensembles. They are always eye-catching and, depending on how they are combined, pieces can provide a subtle or shining addition to any outfit.

3. Geometric Earrings:

Geometric Earrings

The year 2022 witnessed an increase in geometric earrings, featuring angular and sharp shapes such as squares, triangles, and hexagons. Geometric designs are also timeless and, when combined, even more traditional shapes can feel modern and universal. These earrings injected a contemporary edginess to all looks, reinforcing the love for modern design aesthetics.

4. Nature-Inspired Earrings:

Also, trending in 2022 were nature-inspired earrings, reflecting the beauty and dreaminess of the natural world. The beginnings of decorative jewelry started thousands of years ago with chains of flowers and stones and shells. Today things are more sophisticated, but some pieces still harken back to its original beginnings. Inspired by elements like leaves, flowers, and insects, these earrings infused a playful touch to outfits, broadening the horizons of jewelry design.

How Earring Trends are Evolving in 2023:

1. Stacked Earrings:

Stacked Earrings

Continuing their journey from the previous year, stacked earrings remain in vogue in 2023. This trend, which involves wearing multiple pairs of earrings simultaneously, is an effective way to introduce layer and depth to your style, keeping creativity and individuality alive and dressing. Stacking earrings is here to stay and a great way to get multiple uses and looks from traditional and modern pieces.

2. Chandelier Earrings:

Chandelier Earrings

A newly emerging trend of 2023 is the bold chandelier earring in mixed metals, sizes, and gemstones. Chandelier earrings are meant to do the same thing as a chandelier in a grand ballroom, reflect light in an exciting and stunning display. Characterized by their large, intricate design with cascading chains and beads, these earrings effortlessly infuse glamour into any outfit and are quickly becoming a rising favorite. among fashion enthusiasts.

3. Ear Cuffs:

Ear Cuff

Whitley Ear Cuff

Another trend gaining momentum in 2023 is ear cuffs. These unique earrings, which artfully wrap around the ear and can be crafted from various materials like metal, leather, or fabric, provide an excellent vehicle to infuse an edgy, unconventional touch to your look, reaffirming the evolving nature of fashion.


The earring trends of 2023 are a vibrant blend of the familiar and the innovative. While some trends from 2022 persist, new and exciting ones have emerged, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Traditional and modern elements combine in ways only limited by the daring and imagination of the wearer. Statement earrings, including chandelier and stacking are as important this season as the most subtle and delicate of pieces. This year trends harken to pull the past and the future into the present, creating unique and exciting accents to all ensembles. Explore these different styles and discover what resonates with your personal fashion voice and feel.



5 FAQs on Earrings and Earring Trends:

What Are the Top Earring Trends For 2023?

The prominent earring trends for 2023 are daring statement earrings, alluring mixed metal earrings, attention grabbing geometric earrings, dreamy nature-inspired earrings. In both traditional and modern styles, 2023 is also showing stacked earrings, chandeliers, and ear cuffs.

How Can I Select the Right Earrings for My Face Shape?

The ideal earrings for your face shape depend on three key factors: your face shape, the size of your ears, and your personal style. For instance, long, angular earrings can elongate a round face, while round or oval earrings can soften a square face. If your ears are small, opt for lighter, smaller earrings. Finding and exploring the jewelry that works for you starts with curiosity, daring, and knowing yourself, what you like and what feels good. Regardless, there is something for everyone so let your personal style and fashion mood be your guides.

Do You Have Any Tips for Styling Earrings?

Consider the occasion, mix, and match different styles, pair your earrings with other jewelry, and factor in your hairstyle when selecting earrings. Also, where re you headed. If you are going to an important job interview, maybe choose earrings that won’t overpower for professional look or distract from your presentation. If you’re headed to a concert, use earrings to project your feel-good vibe and fun personality.

How Can I Properly Care for My Earrings?

To maintain your earrings, remove them when showering or sleeping, store them properly in a jewelry box, and clean them regularly with a mild soap-water solution. Check them periodically to make sure a stone or element is not loose in a setting. Also check that metal is not tarnishing and that each piece looks as good as the day you first donned it. Taking a little time once every few months to check your jewelry will ensure a piece never lets you down on that special evening, important business meeting or fun outing.

Where Can I Purchase the Latest Earring Trends?

You can explore the latest earring trends at Malibu Sunday, offering a selection of stunning handcraft jewelry straight from the California coast. You can also find earring from major department stores, online retailers, and at small boutiques from independent designers.


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