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6 Stylish Ways to Celebrate Friendship: The Resurgence of Friendship Rings

6 Stylish Ways to Celebrate Friendship: The Resurgence of Friendship Rings

The Resurgence of Friendship Rings

Friendship bracelets might be having a moment (thanks Swifties!), but they’re not the only jewelry you can share with your friends. Long before The Eras tour, friendship rings were one of the biggest jewelry trends.

While we’re used to the idea of engagement rings, friendship rings date back just as far. The tradition of giving rings to your close friends started in the Middle Ages, evolving into the contemporary fashion trend we know and love.

Friendship rings are the perfect way to feel a little closer to your best friends. Whether you’re choosing matching rings or similar styles, friendship rings are a reminder of your connection.

We’re sharing everything you need to know about friendship rings and our top recommendations of which Malibu Sunday rings to share with your friends.

The History of Friendship Rings

While all jewelry has symbolism, rings have always been associated with commitment. Whether it’s Irish Claddagh rings or engagement rings, these pieces are worn every day to represent an important aspect of your life.

Friendship rings have a rich history that dates back thousands of years. Researchers in Finland in 2022 uncovered slate friendship rings that date back over 6,0000 years to the Stone Age. European cultures have had several variations of friendship rings, long before engagement rings became prominent in the 18th century.

‘Gimmal’ rings became popular in the 15th century, derived from the Latin word for “twins”. These two rings were designed to easily join and separate from each other, often using a hand motif. The 18th century saw gimmel rings become more elaborate, often incorporating motifs like turtledoves and intertwined hearts.

Posey rings are another form of friendship ring that became popular in the later stages of the Middle Ages. These gold bands look like today’s wedding rings but feature inscriptions or initials, usually with an intricate design outside the band. While many were used as romantic gifts, evidence suggests they also functioned as friendship rings and religious talismans.

Today’s Friendship Rings as Modern Heirlooms

We’ve been using jewelry to show our devotion to others for thousands of years. While friendship rings are not entirely new, we’re doing the trend differently today – even from twenty years ago!

Friendship jewelry was a major trend of the 90s and 00s with everything from split heart necklaces to matching keyrings. Today’s friendship ring trends are more elevated, reflecting the focus on heirlooms outside of wedding jewelry. Millennials and Gen Z are increasingly taking vintage styles and putting a new twist on them reflecting the growing shift to life outside of romantic love.

Friendship rings are no longer something you swap in the playground when you’re six years old. Today’s friendship rings are stylish, subtle, and chic. Any ring can become a friendship ring, from a dainty gold band to a sparkly statement ring.

How to Choose Your Friendship Rings

There are no hard or fast rules around choosing friendship rings. While it’s traditional to wear matching rings, you can choose two different rings. Other trends with friendship rings include adding personalization, such as initials or a symbol that connects you and your friends.

Your rings should represent your affection for each other and the connection you have. Think about the meaning behind the stones and symbols on the rings you’re choosing.

Signet rings are a popular choice for wedding rings, along with more colorful options. You can also choose a friendship ring that signifies a memory or even an inside joke between you and your friends.

Ultimately, you want to choose a ring you can wear every day. While you might be drawn to elaborate styles, consider a ring that will suit your favorite jewelry.

Friendship Ring Inspiration with Malibu Sunday

Are you looking for inspiration for your friendship rings? We’re sharing our favorite Malibu Sunday rings that you can mix and match with your girlfriends. Choose the same style or opt for two different rings that remind you of each other.


  1. Shiloh Triple Stone Ring

Shiloh Triple Stone Ring - Friendship Rings

Do you and two other friends want matching friendship rings? The Shiloh ring is the perfect choice, with one stone for each of you. This triple stone ring is a dainty band that can be stacked with other pieces or worn solo. Take your friendship group with you everywhere you go with these three white zircon stones.


  1. Demi Stacking Ring Set

Demi stacking Ring -set of 3

Looking for friendship rings on a budget? Our Demi stacking ring comes as a set of three, perfect for sharing with your two best friends. This dainty ring is made of 18k gold plated brass, ideal for wearing every day.


  1. Sophie Ring Set

Sophie Ring Set of 3

Want a little sparkle to your friendship rings? Our Sophie ring set has three 18k gold-plated brass rings with white zircon details. The ring features a pointed stone that you can wear facing outwards to represent your connection with your friends.


  1. Amber Signet Ring

Amber Signet Ring

Signet rings are amongst the most popular choices for friendship rings. We love the ‘Amber’ signer ring as the north star can represent the bond between you and your friends. The north star traditionally represents guidance, stability, and direction. Traditionally, it symbolizes eternal guardianship.

Want to wear different friendship rings? The ‘Amber’ signet ring is the perfect sister to our ‘Sunset’ ring.


  1. Sunset Ring

Sunset Ring

The Sunset ring is a chunky gold band with white zircon stone stars. Consider it the best friend to the ‘Amber’ ring. This style is universally flattering and works for friends who prefer minimalistic jewelry and those who like statement pieces.


  1. Laurel Ring

Laurel Ring

Celebrate your relationship in every form with our Laurel ring. While it might remind you of a classic engagement band, this ring features a structural design that represents two halves. It’s easy to style on top of other rings with a sparkle that makes it the ultimate everyday piece to wear on any finger.

Get inspiration for your friendship rings by checking out the official Malibu Sunday Instagram page. Do you wear matching Malibu Sunday rings with your best friend? Show them off on social media and use the hashtag #malibusunday for a chance to be featured on our feed.




What is the historical significance of friendship rings?

Friendship rings date back to the Middle Ages and have a rich history as symbols of commitment and affection among friends. These rings, like the Gimmel and Posey rings, often featured intricate designs and inscriptions, symbolizing the bond between friends. They served as reminders of the connection and devotion between individuals, similar in spirit to the more commonly known Claddagh rings and engagement rings.


How have friendship rings evolved into modern fashion trends?

While friendship jewelry has been popular in various forms throughout history, today's friendship rings are seen as modern heirlooms, transcending their playground origins. They have evolved from simple bands to more sophisticated, chic designs, mirroring the shift towards celebrating relationships beyond romantic love. Millennials and Gen Z are particularly fond of reinventing vintage styles and incorporating them into everyday fashion, making friendship rings a stylish, subtle choice that reflects personal connections.


What should I consider when choosing a friendship ring?

When selecting friendship rings, the key is to choose a design that resonates with the bond you share with your friend. While matching rings are traditional, opting for different rings that still symbolize your connection is also popular. Personalization, such as adding initials or meaningful symbols, can add a unique touch. Consider the symbolism behind the stones or designs you choose, and ensure the ring is versatile enough for everyday wear. The aim is to find a piece that not only represents your friendship but also complements your personal style.


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