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Transform Your Look With 2023’s Top Necklace Trends

Transform Your Look With 2023’s Top Necklace Trends

Jaden mini beaded chain necklace

MALIBU SUNDAY: Jaden mini beaded chain necklace

Since the Stone Age, necklaces have been used to catch the eye, accentuate individual style, and express the embodiment of self. Today, necklace trends are all about communicating your unique personality combined with anything-goes creativity for day or evening, casual, business or formula. Here’s a sneak peek into upcoming necklace trends:

1. Chunky Chains:

Chunky Chain NecklaceEmerson evil eye chain necklace

Bold and stylish, chunky chains are center stage in 2023 necklace trends. They make a bold statement on a variety of looks. These chains are an easy, edgy way to provide a versatile look you can fashion to fit any mood or outfit. Wear them alone or layered with other necklaces for a fashion-forward feel.

2. Mixed Metals:

 Mixed Metals Necklace

Kennedy Necklace

Combining different metals is another flexible trend for 2023. Whether you opt for gold, silver, platinum, metal beads, or something entirely different, this creative metal meld allows you to design one-of-a-kind luxe looks. With these mix and match metals you can create dozens of looks with a just a few pieces.

3. Statement Necklaces:

Statement NecklaceMalibu Sunday - Amelia Toggle Necklace


Statement necklaces are all about you, who you are and who you want to be. They announce your style and mood as you enter the room. Crafted from large stones, crystals, or even wood, statement necklaces allow you to express your mood. It can be mysterious, professional, blissful, serious or a combination of feels. Statement necklaces are one way to put yourself out into the world. 

4. Colorful Necklaces:

Add vibrant pop to your outfit with color and texture in sunshine yellows, candy apple reds, seaside blues, and mountain greens. Color combined with beads, gemstones, or shells, deliver excitement to both casual and formal ensembles. Color can enhance a neutral outfit and integrate an ensemble.

5. Stacked Necklaces:

For those who love layered aesthetics, stacking necklaces offer endless possibilities. Combine necklaces of varying lengths, widths, and materials to design your own unique statement. Layering can be a delicate art to make a specific statement or a carefree act left to interpretation.

From Minimalist Elegance to Expressive Creativity:

The Evolution of Necklace - Trends from 2022 to 2023 

In fashion design, one year can make all the difference and necklace trends from 2022 to 2023 shifted from simplicity to sophistication. In post-pandemic 2022 necklaces were characterized by a sense of understated elegance. Delicate pieces can focus on understatement and effortlessness in fashion. This minimalism reflected a broader fashion focus on clean lines and a less-is-more ethos. Dainty chain necklaces, solitaire pendants, and minimalist geometric designs were abundant, and styling was about adding subtle finishing
touches to an outfit. 

In 2023, however, we see a shift towards adventurous, intriguing, and bold trends reflecting a living-out-loud appeal. The new year’s fashion narrative focuses on individuality, creativity, and a living-out-loud vibe that is prominent in colorful necklaces, chunky chains, and mixed metals. Statement necklaces, once worn only for formal events, are now taking a more central role in daily fashion. They are no longer just accents, but headliners in drawing attention to  the wearer and expressing individual style with freedom of expression in fashion. 

The outspoken and playful nature of these trends suggests a turn from the restrained minimalism of 2022, encouraging self-expression and a sense of very real physical and creative freedom. Statement pieces illustrate everything from moods to personal ideas and dreams. The 2023 necklace trends feel reflective of our collective need for creativity, playfulness, and self-expression.

Styling Tips:

Malibu Sunday Surfside Necklace

For casual occasions, stack necklaces of different lengths and mixed media. Choose a bold statement necklace to bring glamour to formal outfits. If you’re uncertain, a chunky chain necklace is always a safe bet. Remember, the necklace trends of 2023 cater to every style, so don’t be shy in experimenting not only with how your jewelry looks, but, maybe just as important, how it makes you feel. The right piece or combination of pieces can polish or add pop to any outfit.

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Necklace Trends FAQs – 2023

What are the top necklace trends predicted for 2023?

 In 2023, the top necklace trends include chunky chains, mixed metals, statement pieces, splashes of color, and stacking. These trends offer a shift towards more expressive, free, and playful styles compared to previous years. Top trends for necklaces combine a variety of pieces worn alone or combined.

How have necklace trends evolved from 2022 to 2023?

In 2022, the popular necklace trends were more delicate and minimalist. In contrast, the forecasted trends for 2023 showcase a more playful and expressive fashion spirit, featuring bold and chunky chains, mixed metals, and vibrant colors. Choice is one of the buzzwords for 2023 and gives us all more fashion freedom.

How can I style my necklaces according to the 2023 trends?

2023 is about expression of self, so think about what you want to say to the world as you step out your front door. For a casual, more spirited look, try stacking necklaces of different lengths, colors, and textures. For formal occasions, a statement necklace can add a dramatic flair. If you’re new to these trends, try a versatile piece like a chunky chain necklace as a great starting point and then experiment with additions.

Can I mix different necklace trends together?

Absolutely. Mixing different necklace trends together can create many unique and

personalized looks. For instance, you could combine a chunky chain necklace with a colorful one or layer mixed metal necklaces for an eclectic style that says just what you want.

What types of materials are popular in the 2023 necklace trends?

Popular materials in the 2023 necklace trends, include colorful beading, gemstones, wood, crystals, stones, and shells along with mixed metals of gold, silver, platinum and rose gold. Materials can be mixed and attached. Bright colors combined with various textures are trending and you are bound only by your own style and how a particular piece or pieces make you feel.


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